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Auto Insurance in Santa Barbara

Are you a collector of rare, antique or high performance cars in Santa Barbara? If so, you need to have an insurance policy that is best designed to protect them! Collector cars have higher risk of expensive damage and higher risk of theft, so you need to have the correct coverage necessary to protect you in those instances.

A policy tailored to your specific vehicle(s)

We work with a variety of insurance providers who can design a policy to specifically cover the needs of your car. First, we calculate an agreed value of your vehicle so that if your car depreciates during your policy term you won’t be penalized. Alternatively, the agreed value also gives you the ability to protect your car if it appreciates in value, as collector cars are known to do, and is damaged during your policy but the value hasn’t been updated to reflect its appreciated cost.

Next, we assess how often you drive your high value or classic car since that can also effect your rates. If  you’re only using it for weekend drives or for going to car shows, you can drastically reduce your rates for limited usage. Drivers aren’t held to a fixed mileage limit, but some companies do require odometer readings.

Collector Car Insurance Coverage

Collector Car Insurance coverage applies to classic cars, classic trucks, antique motorcycles, specialty vehicles and even newer vehicles depending on their qualifications.

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