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High Value Home Insurance

Do you own a home in Montecito? Look no further than Montecito Home Insurance for the best insurance on the market!

We provide home insurance policies for “high value homes” – homes with a replacement value of $1 million dollars or more.  These homes often include higher-end materials, workmanship, and finer furnishings.  Luxury homes require special policies with top companies such as Chubb, Pure, and AIG. Your high-end property should not be placed with standard carriers.

Montecito Insurance has specialized in high value homeowners insurance since 1989.

Let us find the best solution for you.

We write home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, earthquake insurance, high value home insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat and watercraft insurance.

We also work with all types of businesses from manufacturing, offices, retail, restaurants, service industry, contractors & more. If you are a business, we can help you!

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