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High Value Home Insurance

You’ve already invested a lot of money in your luxury home, so you’re wise to want the best insurance available to protect your investment. When you have a high value home, you need more coverage than is available in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Your furnishings and other valuables are expensive assets that you will also need to have properly insured with a policy specific to high value homes.

Homes that are valued at over $1 million dollars are eligible for “High Value Home Insurance,” that offer more options and features than a standard homeowners policy. These high value policies aren’t necessarily more expensive, they’re just tailored to deliver benefits unique to the needs of luxury home owners.

Protection for your home and everything you value in it.

We have been in business since 1989 and specialize in finding the best homeowners insurance policies for high value homes throughout Santa Barbara County. Working with a local Santa Barbara agent allows us to give you a personalized quote and service, with the attention to detail for which we are specially known.

Here are 5 unique aspects of High Value Home Insurance that you might like to know!

Guaranteed replacement cost

Restore your home to its original condition, even if the costs are higher than your insured amount. For most homes, we guarantee that we will repair or rebuild your home exactly as it was.

Get a cash settlement

You won’t be forced into rebuilding if you’re not interested in doing so. With a high value home insurance policy you can get a cash settlement for the equivalent value of your house.

Protect your valuables

A high-value home insurance package doesn’t cap your coverage amounts the way standard policies do. We have customized solutions tailored to your unique situation that provide full protection for the valuable contents of your home.

Increased liability coverage

Liability coverage is part of your high-value homeowners insurance policy and can be customized to meet your unique risks and coverage limit requirements.

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