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High Value Homes: Protecting Your Valuables

In addition to basic property coverage included in your home owners policy, if you own highvalue items such as Jewelry, Art and Antiques, Firearms, Furs, Musical Instruments, Silverware, Hearing Aids, Cameras, Coin and Stamp Collections, etc, you may want to consider additional insurance to cover these items. In the event of damage, loss, or theft, protect you investment in valuable personal property. A receipt or appraisal may be required to ensure adequate coverage is being provided.

Additionally, be sure to take precautions to protect your valuables. A security system is an excellent way to reduce the risk of thieves enter the home but in the event that this fails, here a few other ideas for protecting your valuables.

  1. Mark items with your name and information. Marked items are less likely to be stolen and are more difficult to resell.

  2. Take pictures of all valuable inside your home.

  3. Keep detailed inventory of property, particularly valuable items.

  4. Don’t leave evidence that an expensive purchase has been made. (such as a box on the curb)

  5. Keep expensive items out of view.

  6. Personal information can be just as valuable and devastating when compromised as personal property. With identity theft on the rise, take steps to protect this also.

For more information on protecting your valuables with insurance, contact our agents.

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