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Homeowners Insurance Coverage, The Basic Breakdown

While homeowners policies can vary, they typically all offer coverage for the following:

Dwelling Protection

As any homeowner knows, a variety of things can happen to cause damage to a home. A basic coverage of your homeowners policy is to protect the home itself, as well as any outside structures. This would include detached garage, sheds, etc.

Bodily Injury Liability

Liability protection coverages injury to a person who does not live at your home that occurs while they are in your home. This offers protection in the event of lawsuit.

Natural Disaster

Most policies offer coverage for natural disasters such as fire, hail, and windstorms. Not all natural disasters (such as earthquakes) are covered however.

Personal Property Protection

The value of personal property can add up very quickly. Basic homeowners policies offer protection in case of loss or damage of your personal property within the home.

Despite these basics, the amount of coverage needed can vary widely. Our insurance agents can help you determine the coverage that is best for your home and situation.

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